CT RIC Kevin Redding hosted a Town Hall via Zoom video on February 1st for all CT USA Hockey officials.  This article will provide a summary of the important topics discussed pertaining to the re-opening of youth hockey in CT in lite of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Should you have any questions, please direct to IHONC President Pete Egan.


  1. Officials MUST wear an ear looped medical or double layered cloth mask at all times when you enter the rink (including the dressing room).
  2. All players and team officials must be wearing a ear looped mask that covers their nose and mouth while on the player's bench, penalty bench or while on the ice.  There are no medical exceptions.  A face mask is considered proper equipment, and failure to wear the face mask needs to be penalized in the same manner as the rule book addresses mouth piece equipment violations.  This is a team violations, so the first warning is a team warning, subsequent violations are penalized.
  3. If a player's mask becomes dislodged during play, stop play and treat it just like if a player's helmet's becomes dislodged.
  4. Only active players and USA Hockey certified coaches are allowed in the bench area.
  5. Penalty bench tenders, scorekeepers and timekeepers are required to wear appropriate face masks at all time.
  6. Players and coaches are prohibited to spit and/or discharged an liquid from their mouth onto the ice.  If you see it, issue a warning (team violation just like the mouthpiece rule) and penalize for subsequent violations.  If you see it, but cannot identify the player or team official, a team violation bench minor will be appropriate penalization.
  7. Please ensure you have a electronic whistle (e-whistle) for use.  E-Whistle is required for all USA Hockey games.  We encourage you to carry a spare battery.  Also bring your legacy finger whistle with you on the ice if the event that your e-whistle malfunctions.
  8. Games are no longer consider curfew games, therefore you cannot cut the 3rd period unless the rink requires shortening of the game.
  9. There is not any interstate play between teams, meaning no out of state teams can play in CT.  The exception is the Pawling and Putnam organizations, which are both members of CHC.
  10. Do not get involved with any questions regarding whether there are too many spectators, whether spectators are social distancing, or whether they are wearing appropriate PPE.  That is the rink's responsibility.


To view Kevin's pdf slides, please go to ihonc.org/Forms Section--the file name is Feb 1st Town Hall.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to IHONC President Pete Egan.

Thanks, stay safe.

If you are a USA Hockey certified official new to the northern CT area, a new USA Hockey certified official, or interested in becoming a USA Hockey certified official, you will need to join a Hockey Officials Association.  IHONC services USA Hockey youth programs for the northern CT area (Cromwell and north).

To join IHONC, you will need to complete a new member application form, which you can download from this web site from the Forms section (2020-21 New Member Application).  Complete the form and send via mail with your membership fee to the address provided on the form.  Once your application is processed, you will be notified by email with additional information and instruction.  Please make sure that you provide a valid email address and your cell phone number.

If you are a new official, you may submit your application prior to completing your USA Hockey certification; however, we encourage you to complete your USA Hockey certification requirements in advance as you will not be eligible to work games until you are certified.  If you are a certified official for the 2019-20 season in good standing with USA Hockey, you may submit your new member application at any time and you will be immediately eligible to work games until December 1, 2020, at which time you must have completed your 2020-21 certification to work games thereafter.

You may visit CHC web page (chchockey.org) for additional information as to what you need to do to become certified with USA Hockey.  That site also provides information regarding USA Hockey CT seminar locations, dates and times.

Thank you for your interest and should you have any additional questions, you can email IHONC's Commissioner Steve Levins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Everyone should have received their Officials Registration 2018-19 Season email from USA Hockey.  You can begin your 2018-19 USA Hockey registration process now.  A couple quick reminders

1.  All officials MUST complete registration with USA  Hockey for the 2018-19 season.
2.  All officials MUST register to attend a USA Hockey seminar, attend the seminar and take a closed book exam at the seminar. Please visit chchockey.org web page, click on Referee menu and Seminar Information on the left side panel for a complete listing of CT seminar dates and times.  You must complete your USA Hockey registration before you can regisiter for a seminar. Note Level 1 officials are exempt from taking a closed book exam...but everyone renewing should be registering as a level 2 or higher I hope!
3.  All officials MUST complete and pass USA Hockey's open book exam on line.
4.  All officials that did not complete SAFE SPORT training for the 2017-18 season MUST complete that training (your USA Hockey account profile page will indicate whether you need to complete SAFE SPORT training).
5.  All officials MUST complete all required USA Hockey on line training modules.
6.  All officials that did not complete a SCREENING/BACKGROUND CHECK for the 2017-18 season MUST submit a screening request.  Please visit CHC.org web site, click on the Referee menu item, and then click on the Referee Screening Process link on the left side panel.  This page will provide all the necessary information you need to know.  In addition, if you're unsure whether you submitted a screen request last season, there is a link provided where you can check.  IMPORTANT;  do not submit a screening request if you are not required to--so please check before you proceed.  Here's the CHC.org link:  http://chchockey.org/Page.asp?n=109835&org=CHCHOCKEY.ORG.  You must complete your USA Hockey registration before you can submit a screening request.
7.  All officials MUST submit to IHONC a membership renewal application with payment.  The renewal application pdf document is now available on the ihonc.org web page under the Forms section.  This is available for public viewing, so even if you forgot your IHONC web account id or password, you can still download the form to print.  We will again require all renewal applications be mailed with payment (do not send cash).  Please don't wait until the last minute to get this accomplished!  

All 7 of the above steps need to be fully completed by November 30, 2018.  If you do not complete all 7 action items, you will not be eligible to officiate USA Hockey sanctioned games starting on December 1st until IHONC receives confirmation from USA Hockey (via CT RIC Barry Zalcman) and/or until IHONC receives your renewal application with payment.

Nice job by IHONC's Jim Bento and Chris Tonzi educating the Wolfpack PeeWee Majors, and the rest of the internet, on topics such as when the goalkeeper can and cannot cover the puck, attacking players and the goal crease, and stick contact with the goaltender. Chris did a really nice job explaining how to balance a coach's directive to play to the whistle with the rules about stick contact with the goaltender.

GottaLoveCTHockey has just published the next episode of the Official Revue. Officials Sam Bergen and Pete Alfano do a great job working with the Darien PeeWee (12U) A1 team on drills to emphasize legal body contact versus illegal body checking. The last question of the video is a You Make The Call question.