Welcome to the online home of the Ice Hockey Officials of Northern Connecticut (IHONC).  The purpose of IHONC is simple: to provide qualified USA Hockey registered officials to youth and adult ice hockey programs in northern Connecticut.  IHONC attempts to provide officials who are best suited to the level of each game.  IHONC takes an active approach to continually improve the product we put on the ice.  IHONC is not interested in just “covering” games.  We want to develop our officials and provide a quality service to our customers.  In addition to the online resources you will find on this site, IHONC holds general membership meetings on a monthly basis to provide training (rules, positioning, game management etc), discuss general information and cover any issues that may arise throughout the season.  We invite you to explore our site and consider becoming a member of one of the most respected USA Hockey officiating organizations in the country.


2014-2015 IHONC Membership

 IHONC is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 season.  Renewal membership can be done electronically this year without having to send us payment if you are 18 years of age or older.  Also, we have changed the renewal due date to November 30th to coincide with USA Hockey's renewal deadline date.  To learn more, click on the Read More link.

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How to Contact CT Supervisor of Officials Barry Zalcman

To get in touch with CT Supervisor of Officials Barry Zalcman, call at 860-798-9523 (required for Match penalties).

2013-2014 CHC Policy for Curfew Games

The following rule and procedure will be the standard for all CHC games.  Note that the Wolfpack Atlantic Youth Hockey League (AYHL) games are NOT CHC games, and the curfew rules do not apply to them.  Please read more for instructions.

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New CHC Score Sheet Requirements for Officials

Officials are required to print their name legibly, add their USA Hockey number and sign the score sheet.  Starting for the 2013-2014 season, if a penalty was assessed requiring a game report (Misconduct, Major, Game Misconduct or Match), additional steps will need to be undertaken.  Please read more for instructions.

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New Game Reporting Procedures

Starting in the 2013-2014 season, all Game Reporting will be done via the USA Hockey (usahockey.com) web site.  In addition, the type of penalties assessed that require reporting are NO longer limited to Match and Game Misconducts, as all Misconducts, Majors, Games Misconducts and Match penalties are required to be reported (call CT RIC Barry Zalcman within 24 hours for Match penalties in addition to submission of a game report.  Please read further for complete details.

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Officials Required to Wear Visors

Beginning for the 2013-2014 season, all officials are required to wear a visor/half shield on the helmet for all USA Hockey sanctioned games.  If you don't have a visor, you won't be allowed to officiate the game, so buy and install yours now.  For Level 1 and 2 officials that will be required to participate in on-ice drills at your selected USA Hockey seminar, make sure you have your visor attached to your helmet!

New 2013-2014 Game Report Submission for Aggressive Majors

The USA Hockey 2013-2017 Rule Book incorporates an entirely new rule; 411 Progressive Suspensions.  For officials, it is important to read this rule, as 411 (b) requires Game Report submission within 24 hours for all aggressive classification Major penalty(s) assessed in the course of the game.  There will be instances where an aggressive classification Major penalty can be assessed without a Game Misconduct.  Please Read More for those situations:

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New Rules for 2013-2017

 The 2013-2017 rule book is out and there are some major changes.  Check out the USA Hockey web site (usahockey.com). 


Don't wait until the last minute to get your nose in the book and get comfortable with the changes. 

Be sure to check out the IHONC Discussion Boards to see what your fellow officials are thinking

The latest issue of USA Hockey has some articles on the new rules as well.

USA Hockey Standard of Play Videos

 IHONC officials are asked to click the Read More link below to review the USA Hockey Standard of Play videos prior to this season's holiday tournaments.  In addition, please review the presentation on Triggers and Snapshots available in the training section of the IHONC web site.

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AYHL Curfew Policy

If an AHYL game is going to run over it's alloted time slot, the curfew policy should only be implemented if the rink has an issue with the game exceeding it's time slot.  Please check with the rink before the start of the game.

CHC Rules on Length of Periods

In order to provide clarification to situations that may develop where the on-ice officials determines the need to reduce the 3rd period time, the following directives are taken directly from CHC Rules and Policies, Article VI, Section A.

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Neckguards are mandatory equipment for CHC players

The specification of a neckguard as a required piece of protective equipment for all CHC players can be found on the CHC web site in document #11259 entitled CHC Rules and Polices.  The text pertaining to neckguards is in Article V Section B.

The IHONC discussion boards are back!

Discussion Boards After a multi-year hiatus from the IHONC web site, the discussion boards are back. 

We're starting fresh.  The discussion boards have a new look and feel and have multiple forums/categories in which to make your postings.  There are a few starter topics in each category.  Feel free to add your comments to those topics or start new topic threads.  While you are not required to register with the new discussion board to get a userid and password, we certainly do encourage you to do so.  Please be courteous with your postings.  This means including a name, nickname, initials or some other moniker with your posts; keeping the language clean; and sticking to the topic at hand.  Spam and abuse will not be tolerated and will be removed without warning.

If you have a question about the forum you can either send an email to the webmaster or post a message to the IHONC Forum category.

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